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The analysis of permanent gases is an important application in the petrochemical industry. Quadrex offers the PLT-5A molecular sieve PLOT capillary column as a replacement for the traditional packed molecular sieve column. A capillary PLOT column offers the advantage of a faster turn-around time between analyses as well as the added benefit of faster regeneration of the adsorbent layer.
O2, N2, CO, and CH4 are typically separated in six minutes. In addition, the important O2/Ar separation can be achieved using this column at sub-ambient temperatures.
We use a proprietary process which insures column-to-column reproducibility and a unique binding agent which eliminates adsorbent layer degradation which can cause contamination of valves and detectors. 
Reliable permanent gas analysis
Rugged layer of molecular sieve
Excellent thermal stability to regenerate adsorbent layer
Similar phases: GS-Molesieve, Rt-MSieve 5A, AT-Mole Sieve
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