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The 007-65HT and 400-65HT phases represent a (65% phenyl) methylpolysiloxane phase composition. They are a companion phase to the 007-17 (50% phenyl methylpolysiloxane), but the additional 15% phenyl substitution provides greater selectivity toward compounds exhibiting induced dipole effects.
This enhanced selectivity is most evident in the analysis of triglycerides where the resolution is "fine tuned" over that of the 50% phenyl substitution.
The 007-65HT is a bonded phase which possesses excellent thermal stability and hence can be used routinely for high temperature analyses. The 400-65HT is the identical to the 007-65HT but is offered on aluminum-clad tubing.  Since the polyimide outer coating on standard columns begins to degrade at 380-400°C, the aluminum-clad tubing offers slightly longer column lifetime if the column is intended to be used at the elevated temperatures.
Columns coated with the 007-65HT/400-65HT phase type are ideal for the analysis of biofuel/biodiesel total glycerin and methyl esters under ASTM Method D6584-00.
Bonded and crosslinked
Excellent thermal stability
Moderately polar
Similar phases: Rtx-65HT, TAP-CB
007-65HT, (65% Phenyl) Methylpolysiloxane columns are available in all standard column I.D.'s and lengths. 
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