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007-1701 is a (14% cyanopropylphenyl) methylpolysiloxane phase. The cyanopropyl functional groups provide a permanent dipole selectivity different from the induced dipole interactions of the phenyl groups. The overall "polarity" of this phase remains nominal when compared to the more highly cyanopropyl substituted phases such as 007-225 and 007-23.
The 007-1701 phase is often used for solvents, pharmaceuticals, derivitized sugars and many environmental applications.
Bonded and crosslinked
Moderately polar
Comparable to OV-1701
Similar phases: DB-1701, Rtx-1701, SPB-1701, AT-1701, HP-1701, BPX-1701
USP Phase Specification:  G46
007-1701, (14% Cyanopropylphenyl) Methylpolysiloxane columns are available in all standard column I.D.'s and lengths. 
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