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The 007-1301 is a (6% cyanopropylphenyl) methylpolysiloxane phase. Overall, 007-1301 is a low polarity phase which exhibits excellent thermal stability. The cyanopropyl (permanent dipole) and the phenyl (polarizable) substituents provide a specific selectivity for polar and polarizable compounds.
More of a boiling point phase than 007-1701 (14% cyanopropyl phenyl methylpolysiloxane), the 007-1301 exhibits less retention of polyaromatic compounds than 007-17 (50% phenyl methylpolysiloxane). 
Nitrogen-containing herbicides, various types of pesticides, drugs and other heteroatom-containing compounds are good candidates for separation using this phase.  
As part of the 007 Series of Bonded Phases, the 007-1301 can withstand large solvent injections and rinsing to remove insoluble impurities. 
Bonded and crosslinked
Excellent thermal stability
Moderately polar
Similar phases: DB-1301, Rtx -1301, HP-1301, SPB-1301
USP Phase Specification:  G43
007-1301  (6% Cyanopropylphenyl) Methylpolysiloxane columns are available in all standard column I.D.'s and lengths. 

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