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The 007-5 phase is a (5% phenyl) methylpolysiloxane polymer. Like the 007-1dimethylpolysiloxane phase, the 007-5 phase is a widely used general purpose GC phase ideal for a broad range of applications. The presence of the phenyl groups provides induced dipole interactions leading to degrees of increased retention for aromatic solutes. A 5% phenyl substitution causes a nominal increase in polarity; yet the 007-5 phase displays the attributes of a non-polar phase.
The non-polar 007-5 phase, which separates compounds according to boiling point, is another frequently used phase type in GC. Bonding and crosslinking this general purpose GC phase increases the resistance to degradation by rinsing, large solvent injections and the deposition of non-volatiles.  The 007-5 phase offers excellent efficiency and thermal stability. 
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